Adding the BC Vaccine Card to Your iPhone Wallet

Written by: Declan Dinnadge
September 13, 2021

Here's a tutorial on how to add the BC Vaccine card QR code to your iOS wallet for easy access on your iPhone.

Currently, there is no easy way to store your BC Vaccine card (required as of September 13, 2021) via the BC services app or other means. The only way to retrieve it is by taking a screenshot or printing it out once you've gone through their process.

We found a way to make retrieval much easier by following a few steps.

For a list of where the BC Vaccine Card is required, click here.

Things you will need:

  • Your BC Vaccine card QR code - once you're vaccinated, you can obtain it from here
  • An iPhone 6 or greater running iOS 8.1 or greater
  • The free Pass2U app from the app store

Obtaining and Saving your QR Code

Once you've followed the steps at the BC Government's Proof of Vaccination website to obtain your QR code, you can screenshot or take a photo of your QR code using your iPhone (a screenshot generally provides better results).

Creating the Digital Copy for iOS Wallet

  • Download the Pass2U app from the app store on to your iPhone
  • Open the app and tap the + icon to make a new pass
  • Click "Apply a pass template"
  • Search for "BC Vaccine Card" to see templates created by other users. It doesn't matter which template you choose as long as it shows the QR code and your name (in case they need to verify with your ID)
  • Under "Barcode Content", tap the icon underneath "QR code", then click "scan photos" to search for your saved QR code in your Photos
  • Select the photo of your QR code so the app can scan it and save the information
  • Uncheck the "visible" toggle so that the actual text stored in your QR code is not shown in the wallet
  • [OPTIONAL DEPENDING ON WHICH TEMPLATE YOU USE] Enter any relevant information you want shown, such as:
    1. Type of vaccination
    2. Your name
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Dose 1
    5. Dose 2
  • Then hit Done in the top right to save your pass to your wallet
  • Then click Add once the wallet entry displays on screen

To Retrieve Your Vaccine Card from the Wallet

To access the wallet on iPhone, you can either:

  • Double click the side button (or home button for older iPhones) when the iPhone is locked
  • Access the Wallet app from your home screen

Once the wallet app is open, select your Vaccine card from the list and you should be all set!

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